Empirical Research Methods in Political Science, Columbia University, Fall 2020

Scope and Methods , Columbia University, Spring 2021 & Spring 2019

Introduction to Comparative Politics , Columbia University, Spring 2018 & Fall 2018

The Logic of Collective Choice , Columbia University, Fall 2017.

Mathematical and Statistical Methods Bootcamp for Sawiris Scholars (in collaboration with University of Chicago) , Summer 2012

Introduction to Macroeconomics , Department of Economics at the American University in Cairo, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Students’ Testimonies

Scope and Methods

“Ahmed was a wonderful TA. He explained everything really well and made sure that we all understood the material. Highly recommend his section.”

“Ahmed was great, he really clarified topics that didn’t make sense from class and was really fair in grading. He was a really nice TA, glad I got to learn from him.”

Introduction to Comparative Politics

“The TA was very good. He knew what he was talking about and asked questions to ensure he knew where we needed help and he really seemed interested in doing a good job. I really didn’t notice any weaknesses when it came to his teaching.”

“Very clear presentations, straightforward and helpful discussion sections. Extremely available and will go the extra mile to make sure the students are in a good place.”

“I liked Ahmed a lot. Was very knowledgeable and accessible. Ran a good discussion.” section.”

“Very clear, helped simplify complicated readings and added to our knowledge of the material.”

“He was always open to explain anything.”

Empirical Research Methods

“I liked Ahmed a lot. Since it was a small group in his recitation I got to know him well. He seemed to care a lot and was always very helpful when I attended a lot of office hours.”

“Thoughtful and clear instructor.”

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